Quantity Discounts

Discount pricing is listed on Product Pages. Discount percentages vary by product. Some products do not qualify for a discount. Maximum discounts range from 10% to 35% and are listed on the individual product pages. Basket prices automatically reduce as quantity thresholds are reached.
  • Discounts are on a per item basis for items with the same item number. Different Items cannot be combined to get a discount. For example two identical products of different colors cannot be combined for a discount. Only purchases of the same color would be eligible for a given discount.
  • Discounts are limited to stock on hand. We may or may not be able to offer special orders at these discounts. email us at purchasing@widgetsupply.com if you want more than we have on hand.
  • This discount is only eligible for orders placed through our shopping basket. Orders placed outside of our shopping cart are not eligible for the discount.
  • Note: eBay items only eligible when customer pays through our shopping basket.
We reserve the right to change or retract this offer at any time. We reserve the right to limit quantities in the event of pricing mistakes.

These offers are not valid for items purchased through eBay.