Dremel Drill Bits and Accessories

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Diamond Coated:
  • For drilling into soft woods, plastic, shells, soft stones, and soft metals.
Tile, Glass, Masonry:
  • For drilling glass, ceramic wall tile, glass block, glass bottles, jewelry.
  • For drilling into wood, plastics and soft metals.
  • Not for very hard materials, such as glass or ceramics.
Wire Gauge:
  • For drilling softer materials.
Helpful Tips:
  • Use with a lubricant like Bur Saver or Cut Lube which reduces friction, chatter, and damaging heat build up to extend the life of of the bit.
  • For more stablility, insert the accessory bit all the way into the tool and then back it out slightly before tightening down the collet nut or keyless chuck.
  • Keep a light touch, letting the speed of the tool do the work. This helps prevent damage to the drill bits.