21mm 10x Triplet Chrome Tripod Jewelers Loupe (SKU: BDG16)

21mm 10x Triplet Chrome Tripod Jewelers Loupe
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    21mm 10x Triplet Tripod Jewelers Loupe
    • 21mm diameter lens
    • 10x magnification
    • Premium quality
    • Color corrected lens
    • Triple element lens
    • A triplet lens is constructed by combining three separate pieces of glass for crystal clear viewing
    • The chrome tripod stand allows hands free viewing
    • Triangle base is 2 inches on each side
    • The area under the base is about 1 inch tall
    • Three flat bottomed legs for stability and easily gliding over viewing are
    • Loupe can be removed from the base
    Price: $9.97 each
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    Brand: SE
    MPN: MI155
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