6 3/4 Scratch Awl with Threading Eye (SKU: BEX02)

6 3/4 Scratch Awl with Threading Eye
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    6 3/4 Scratch Awl with Threading Eye
    • 6 3/4 inches long overall
    • Threading eye in tip
    • Wood handle
    • A scratch awl is typically used by a woodworker for making layout lines on wood
    • It is used like a pencil to leave a small groove so that the wood can be cut or machined
    • Can also be used to poke into the wood leaving a reference point
    • Use to mark wood, rubber, plastic, and other materials
    • It can also be used for sewing heavy duty materials with heavy thread
    • Note: the material may have to be pre-punched or drilled
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    Brand: Hawk
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