6 in 1 Hammer (SKU: SDB4-PH600)

6 in 1 Hammer
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    6 in 1 Hammer with Interchangeable Heads
    • 6 interchangeable heads
    • 1 Annodized aluminum handle
    • Approximately 7 1/4 inches long
    • Heads are a little less than 1/2 inch diameter
    • Flat brass head
    • Flat metal head
    • Flat nylon head
    • Chisel head
    • Dome head
    • Round head
    • Great for working on small or delicate objects
    • This is the perfect tool for hobbyists, watch makers, and jewelers
    Price: $5.97 each
    (Buy more and save: 6+ @ $5.37 )
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    Brand: Hawk
    MPN: PH600
    UPC: 768537116006
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    Reviewer: Molly from Vallejo, CA  12/28/2010
    Great little hammer! A little over 7" long [mallet heads are a hair under 1/2" diameter] and just the right weight, it provides good control for working on small or delicate objects. If you need to pound the crap out of something, however, this is not the hammer to use. It would probably be just fine, but your arm would not. The heads are easy to change out, just check every so often during use to make sure they're still tight. Another excellent deal from Widget :]