Year End Sale - 5pc Deluxe Diamond Bead Reamer Set (SKU: SDE3-83555)

Year End Sale - 5pc Deluxe Diamond Bead Reamer Set
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    Regularly $4.97 - Deluxe 5pc Diamond Bead Reamer Set
    • 5 piece set 
    • Deluxe wood handle accepts the interchangeable bead reamers
    • 1/8 inch to point
    • 1/16 inch to point
    • 1/4 x 1/2 inch cone
    •  3/16 x 3/8 inch pointed end cylinder
    • Actual bits may vary & sizes are approximate
    • The reamers have an 1/8 inch shank
    • Use these bead reamers in their wood handle, pin vise, or Dremel rotary tool
    • Like mini files, use to clean, smooth or enlarge holes in beads
    • Can be used on most hard surfaces
    Price: $4.49 each
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    Brand: SE
    MPN: DF83555
    UPC: 706569383546
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    Reviewer: Brian from Mackay, Qld Australia  01/14/2012
    These do have a nice assortment of Diamond Reamers & the collet chuck handle is a nice handy size. The handle allows the longer thin reamers to be housed in reverse to protect them in storage. I found that some had the chuckinsert slightly out of square to the handle which is a nuisance. I also found that the Dremel Collets fit this handle perfectly iff you wish to use it for different diameter tools. I'm keeping one in my Dremel kit for that reason.