12pc 8 inch Wood Carving Set (SKU: SGS7-12WC)

12pc 8 inch Wood Carving Set
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    12pc 8 inch wood carving set. Set includes; 3/16 inch angled chisel, 3/16 inch v-gouge, 1/4 inch angled chisel, 1/4 inch bent straight chisel, 1/4 inch rounded chisel, 1/4 inch straight chisel, 1/4 inch v-chisel, 5/16 inch gouge, 7/16 inch gouge, 7/16 inch v-groove gouge, 1/2 inch square chisel, and 11/16 inch gouge. These may need some sharpening for optimal performance.
    Price: $19.97 each
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    Brand: SE
    MPN: 7712WC
    UPC: 706569771220
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