1.5 inch Plastic Storage Containers, 28pc Screw Together (SKU: XUN3-28in1)

1.5 inch Plastic Storage Containers, 28pc Screw Together
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    28 in 1 Plastic Storage Containers
    • Each container is 1 1/2 inches diameter on the outside
    • 26 are 3/4 inch tall and two are 1 3/4 inches tall on the outside
    • Twist containers together using the next container as a lid
    • There are six lids; 1 lid per stack
    • Comes in a reusable plastic storage case
    • The storage case is about 10.75 x 5 x 1.75 inches and has two flip latches
    • The storage case is made of a softer plastic so it may have slight surface
      blemishes that do not affect use
    • Use for beads, jewelry, watchmaking, fishing, craft, hobby, hardware, small parts
    Price: $10.97 each
    (Buy more and save: 12+ @ $9.87 )
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